Our delivery model helps you save 60% in development costs without comprising quality.

Packaged software doesn’t fit businesses ever-changing needs. That’s why you need tailor-made applications. Genvate builds custom applications and easily and efficiently implements them into your business.

Ready-made solutions don’t fit all your business needs. Every business process is unique, thus, the traditional software model of one-size-fits-all doesn’t work anymore.

By opting to build a custom online application, you’re not only saving money on infrastructure and data security but on scalability as well, by not having any limitations.

  • Java Development

    Complexity, economy and scale in the prevailing software industry scenario necessitate the need for robust & flexible solutions. Genvate employs best-in class J2EE / Java Application Development to meet these challenges,and offer you stable & effective solutions.

    Genvate dips into its extensive library of Java components and robust Java application framework to deliver your applications with high-security, performance, and scalability.

    Why businesses use Java?

    1. Businesses can build a variety of applications such as web applications and Android apps by leveraging the skills of Java programmers.

    2. Java is fully object-oriented. The object-oriented nature of Java further helps programmers to write both modular programs and reusable code to help save businesses money.

    3. Java is platform independent at both source as well as binary levels. As the Java applications are compiled into bytecode, it becomes easier for developers to write the application code once, and deploy the same code across multiple platforms.

    4. Java programming language is designed with built-in distributed computing capabilities which creates robust network programs that can efficiently send data to and receive data from a file over a network.

    5. The multithreading capability of Java makes it easier for programmers to perform multiple tasks simultaneously within the same program. The capability makes it easier for business owners to create applications that are both interactive and fast.

    6. Java provides robust security features. A number of studies have shown that Java is more secure than other programming languages.

    Consult with Genavte to see if Java is the right fit for your application.

  • .Net Services

    .Net is the widely used and highly secure software framework developed by Microsoft. It has the ability to develop effective and robust web application rapidly. Dot NET framework can deliver scalable and powerful applications with the ability to process a huge amount of data while ensuring quality and security.

    • .NET Application Development

    • .NET Migration Services

    • Website Development

    • Rich Internet Application Development

    • Sharepoint Services

    • Web Services

    • Azure Management

  • Intranet Services

    An intranet is a set of Internet services inside a local network that are invisible from the outside world. It involves the use of Internet client-server standards protocols.

    Documents of any kind (text, images, videos, audios, animations etc.) can be made available on an Intranet.

    Common uses for Intranets are showing company strategy, policies and procedures, discussion forums, on-line polls, organizational directories, company forms, etc.

    Extranet Services

    An extranet serves as an extension of your organization’s information system to its divisions and partners located outside of the network. This type of web solution allows your organization to open the network up to designated clients, partners, customers, suppliers, or vendors.

    Genvate Consultants can help your organization understand the benefits of Intranets/Extranets and how they can add Value to your business and simply make your life easier. Once integrated into a business model, these portals can make day to day activities more efficient, more streamlined, better connected, and more productive.

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