Custom Jewelry Supplier and Manufacturer

E-commerce platform and Custom Content Management System (CMS) for a Jewelry brand

  • As the consumer demand for online shopping was exponentially increasing, this high-end jewelry brand defined a need to incorporate this into their overall strategy. To complement their high-end brand, the client desired an e-commerce website that embodied a luxurious feel and user experience while immediately emerging as high-class.

  • Developing an e-commerce website was essential to keep up with their competitors. To distinguish themselves, the new website had to create a luxurious online identity for the brand while keeping the user interface smooth, clean and easy to use.

    While developing for the current phase, scoping and planning for future phases of the website has to be kept in consideration while architecting the solution. At the time, future planning for the future consisted of full ERP integration, a secure B2B extranet portal to accommodate their vendors, a mobile application, etc.

    While the e-commerce website was under development, the client was in the middle of a major re-organization. Changes in business objectives and strategy had to be dynamically taken into consideration with little room for error, as their website launch date remained the same.

  • Given the dynamic nature of the client’s business, an Agile methodology was instilled to drive the development process through the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Their new e-commerce platform was fully custom and developed from ground-up, which catered to the uniqueness of their brand. The new e-commerce platform was architected with future plans/changes in mind including support for seamless scalability.

    For their consumers, ease of use was at the forefront. The platform allowed users to securely purchase products, access exclusive products only available to privileged members, quick access to related and complementary products, and same day shipping.

    For management, custom backend management system was developed that allowed for real-time inventory management and order tracking. E-commerce reporting and analytics gave the client the business intelligence required to make on-demand decisions regarding their marketing strategy and positioning.

  • The primary objectives of the new e-commerce website as defined by the client were indeed met. To aid their marketing initiatives, a luxurious online brand identity was established. Operational efficiencies became apparent as the cost of doing business decreased while consumer access to their jewelry products significantly increased. The resilience and stability of the custom backend management office ensured our client and gave them the piece-of-mind that their business was operating at maximum efficiencies twenty-four hours a day.