Fortune 500: Enterprise Technology company

Telepresence based collaboration platform

  • In a global and highly competitive technology sector, the client desired to connect and bring together the company’s top minds from all around the world. The client’s goal was to increase creativity and innovation in order to define a roadmap for the next generation set of products that will transform the world.

  • With tens of thousands of employees spanning the globe, the client desired a solution to connect its top innovators. These top innovators are very busy, as it is, building new products and solving challenges for their clients. Travel expenses and time, in general, were key variables. Also, time to develop a solution internally was not available at the forefront, thus allowing our organization the opportunity to define solutions for our client, who valued our relationship as a trusted partner. They wanted a solution that added continuous value where via data analytics they can learn, adapt, and make continuous improvements to the program.

  • A Web-based, easy-launch, real-time telepresence collaboration platform was custom developed to simulate a boardroom conference table. When time is of the essence to the employee that is already working on changing the world, a simple web-based application that the user can launch without the need for software installation suits the speed at which their company moves. Moderator tools, Q&A features, security, analytics and mobile-optimized viewing were identified as key requirements by the client.

  • Saving on travel time and expenses. Increasing productivity. Bringing together the client’s brightest, most intelligent, and creative minds from around the globe. The platform engagement employees as if they were in the same room together. Of high importance to the client was the custom platform along with the custom branding that aligned to their mission of creating innovative products.