Luxury Car Manufacturer

Extranet Implementation for Dealer Portal – Leading European Luxury Car Manufacturer

  • For this major car manufacturer, communicating internal and confidential marketing initiatives to their hundreds of dealers around the country was deemed as vital to driving strategies. The client looked to our organization to provide a secure web-based and mobile-optimized solution.

  • Our team worked closely with their project managers and engineers in translation of the client’s business requirements into specific system, application and process designs. Identifying functional requirements and subsequently leading the process in the identification and design of the solution, while staying within the budget and on schedule, was paramount to meeting client expectations. Building a long-term partnership with the client was the ultimate goal.

  • A highly secure and private extranet solution was architected that served as the communication gateway between the corporate office and the dealers. The web-based Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform allowed for each dealer to be authenticated prior to accessing the proprietary marketing content available only to internal audiences.

  • Improvement in real-time communication and operability were observed immediately. The high-speed and highly-reliable Single-Sign-On environment brought speed of access to the appropriate audiences. Cost savings in travel expenses and conference-event expenses came as a result. The client benefited from improvements in operational efficiencies as the marketing teams and dealers were now able to focus more time on executing their strategies.