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Therapeautic music supplier

  • The client is the leading supplier of programs that utilize sound vibrations to create stages of deep relaxation, meditation, and sleep in clinical settings. These non-pharmacological sound therapy programs provide clinically proven complementary treatment for stress, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and insomnia. The client’s business territory is worldwide.

  • The client’s business requirement was to develop a tablet friendly system intensity assessment tool for clinicians to administer to their sound therapy patients. Records for each assessment and sound therapy outcome needed to be created and recorded for each patient. The assessment tool also needed the capability of prescribing recommendations of sound therapy programs based on the provided answers.

  • Genvate provided a database driven tablet friendly web application with the following:

    • Developed an algorithm to recommend sound therapy programs based on a series of questions.
    • Before and after system intensity scale to track progress of each therapy session.
    • Printer friendly improvement graphs per each session, month, and yr was provided in each patient record.
    • Admin capability of creating permission based user levels that can perform different functions of the application.
    • Web based
    • Tablet friendly design

    Technology: php ; mysql