National Advertising Agency

National Advertising Agency

  • One of the largest woman-owned marketing communication companies in the United States partnered with our organization to match their IT Outsourcing needs. Our client, a digital agency, provided digital strategy solutions and services to their clients, which covered a very broad range of industries. They looked to us as their Technology Outsourcing partner to architect, develop, and manage these solutions in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), including Discovery, Planning, Build and Test, Deployment and transition to Maintenance.

  • The agencies business volume was increasing at a rapid pace. They were relying on our team to seamlessly integrate with their internal development team to strategize, plan, allocate resources and manage current and upcoming projects in the pipeline.

  • Communication between our client, their clients, and our organization was critical. To improve communication, we provided an in-house Project Management Consultant working out of the client’s office(s). The Project Management Consultant seamlessly integrated into the client’s organization liaising with the client, their clients, and our global development team.

    To further support the client’s Solution Delivery needs, we formed dedicated Global Delivery Network consisting of Project Managers, Solution Architects, and Computer Programmers. Dedicated teams were created for each technology, including Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), custom CMS and Backends, Java, Microsoft Sharepoint, Fully-Managed Cloud Infrastructure, etc.

  • By leveraging our Project Management expertise and Global Delivery Network, our client soon found themselves in a position to support the solution demands of their clients. Our client’s volume of work increased, costs decreased, and they observed a significant increase in their ROI. The agency now possessed the capabilities to go after more business without having to worry about resource planning.