Therapeautic Music Supplier

Therapeautic music supplier

  • The client is the leading supplier of programs that utilize sound vibrations to create stages of deep relaxation, meditation, and sleep in clinical settings. These non-pharmacological sound therapy programs provide clinically proven complementary treatment for stress, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and insomnia. The client’s business territory is worldwide.

  • The client’s business objective was to provide their customers with a massage chair connected touchscreen application. The touch-screen application was to be used by staff administrators to provide therapeutic music to their patients.

  • Genvate provided a customized touchscreen application with the following features:

    • User Friendly Navigation
    • Music Play List
    • Option to add a delay start time to give patients time to get adjusted
    • Super Administration panel: Facility to Add music; Facility to hide/show songs.
    • Administration Panel: Genvate connected the application with the client’s server, so that staff would be able to update the application with new music and programming updates with a press of a button.

    Technology: Java Touchscreen Kiosk

    Results: The touchscreen application was a success for the client and was installed in spas and similar businesses globally.