Our delivery model helps you save 60% in development costs without comprising quality.

  • Web Development

    Genvate offers custom database driven web development and matching database management solutions, making it possible for companies and businesses to transform their web sites from a mere presentation of static and text-based information, into a dynamic set of business tools. Genvate’s offer of database-driven pages is built on the assurance of compatibility with the new generation of web-based tools.

    Genvate’s offer of database-driven pages provides for:

    • Capturing user information for future analysis
    • Development of creative provided by designers
    • Offering the latest technologies in MEAN, LAMP, WEB 2.0, 3.0,Ruby on Rails,.Net, Node.js, Angular, Java

    Flexible Design

    Flexible design is future-proof design

    Much like development, design changes over time. Modern technologies make it easy to separate the look of an application from the logic in an application. Design will change, and Genvate will ensure the code base can easily follow new trends.

    Genvate’s web designing services are featured by:

    • Briefing and planning to understand the project
    • UI and UX Designing to create the best user experience.
    • Prototyping

  • E-Commerce

    Genvate provides best in class solutions for cutting edge ecommerce development of online web stores (ecommerce store) for businesses across the globe. We customize every ecommerce development project in terms of design (GUI & Graphics) and functionality to meet the specific requirements of a client. Our ecommerce solutions cater to the B2B & B2C categories and provide our clients a sustainable competitive advantage with strong business growth.

  • Custom CMS Solutions

    Genvate has several years of experience in custom content management system (CMS) development and customization. CMS is an online content management system for managing your website content. The custom content management systems demand in the current market is increasing every day.

    Opensource CMS Solutions

    We extensively work on customizing open source cms platforms to meet the requirements of our clients. It may sometimes be reasonable to integrate open source solutions in the software or the website being developed because of various advantages. Our strength lies in extending the open Source content management system on various products to suit our clients’ requirements.

    Pros and Cons

    1. Custom content management systems will generally have access to all source code and will be able to customize anything within the core CMS as needed. Open Source will generally be required to stay within the confines of released versions.

    2. Open source platforms may not have updated their plugins for the functionality you require. While this scenario would be the same as a custom CMS where that plugin has not been built yet, a custom CMS team generally has less of a challenge building new plugins with custom requirements.

    3. The cost to scale is much higher with open source, especially if your website has a lot of custom functionality.

    4. Typically the cost to get started is lower with open source, but things tend to even out after your first few updates (core CMS as well as content plug-ins and customizations).

Some of the technologies and platforms that we work with:

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